[Guide] Developing on Windows 10 using WSL

I have since switched to Hackintosh and more than likely will not be upgrading this guide anytime soon.

One suggestion I do have though is to check out valet for WSL with Acrylic DNS instead of running Virtualbox/Hyper-V on top of an environment that already has some rather unfortunate limitations when it comes to disk performance.

For anyone trying to get Browersync working, after adding your browser of choice to your Windows PATH, here’s how to specify it in Sage’s browsersync config (using Chrome as an example). Update this section in webpack.config.watch.js:

new BrowserSyncPlugin({
  open: config.open,
  proxyUrl: config.proxyUrl,
  watch: config.watch,
  delay: 500,
  advanced: {
    browserSync: {
      browser: "chrome.exe",