Trellis installation instructions on Windows 10 (in 2018)


i’m impressed at the idea of Roots in simplifying Wordpress workflow and have been trying to install Trellis on my Windows 10 machine.

However, the official docs for windows don’t look all that clear so I headed to the discourse to find more clear instructions and found this post Where can I find a complete tutorial for Windows? Trellis + Sage

But this thread is from 2016 and i’m not sure if this answer Where can I find a complete tutorial for Windows? Trellis + Sage is still relevant.

Unfortunately it has brought more confusion.

I’m pretty sure Trellis has improved since then and would like to ask for clarification on how to install Trellis in 2018?

Currently I have installed VirtualBox and Vagrant and have installed the vagrant plugins as advised on (State of Windows + Trellis):


But unclear on where to go from here. Do I continue on with setting up the example project and run vagrant up in the trellis folder of the project? Step by step clarification would be ideal.



Though I am not a Windows user, I do know that following the Windows docs does work as I was able to set up a Trellis-based site on Win 10 within the last few months (2018).

You can try the WSL method as well. @Log1x has a great guide for this:

He also mentions an alternative method to using Trellis, which I have yet to set up for myself.


I wrote this article there is explained step by step how to install trellis on windows quicky.