How To Install Custom Plugins?

Hi All -

Trying to install a few custom plugins from a normal WordPress site.
Can someone explain it to me like I am a bit slow?


We have a guide specifically for this!


In addition to what is suggested within that guide, I’ve had great success with Release Belt it allows you to install the zip files from private plugins as composer packages.

It is similar to Satispress mentioned in passing, but you manually update the zip files so you get a bit more control, but it is a bit more of a manual process. Similar to managing a personal git repository but without having to create your own composer.json, manage tagging, and doing commits.


Thank you for your help!


To add to this, +1 for Satispress if you’re operating lots of smaller, lower budget websites. It has its flaws, but overall it’s been the most seemless for us. We just enable auto updates on the WP install where the plugins live, and we can always pull the latest versions. Very handy.


This is really useful. Thanks!

Thanks this is what I’ve been using. I finally got comfortable.

Mostly we’re building a massive project. Largest and highest traffic site I have worked on.

I’m late to reply but I find it works fine on big sites too. It just means you need to have a separate wordpress install that you maintain and keep up to date. Not a big deal if the project calls for it.

We’re still using it a few months on and we’ve reduced our composer repositories down to wpackagist and our private repo using Satispress.

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