How to use the Sage Git and merge new Versions with themes

Until now

  1. I cloned the Roots/Sage git
  2. deleted the .git directory and
  3. git init a new repository.

Is this the way to go, or should I somehow pull changes in Sage’s Github Git in my theme?
I’m not a git expert…


That’s fine in general. You can add our Github repo as an upstream remote and use it for updates.

See here

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Thanks. I’ll try on a demo project first…

Removed different subject.

I am using Bedrock and Sage.

My plan is to develop locally and then deploy via capistrano.

Question - In setting up to start developing, should my git repository be at the root of the bedrock directory or just the ‘/app’

@btamm I’m no pro with git strategy, but I’d say you can do it any way you have a good reason to do it. For me, the good reason for the repo to include the root of the bedrock directory is to capture the ongoing updates to everything there, one example being the dependencies listed in the composer.json file. I’m not aware of anyone making their repo just the app directory.

Consider creating your new repo like like which integrates sage, bedrock, and bedrock-ansible. If you’re set on using capistrano, you’d have to customize it a bit.

There are a bunch of discourse discussions on the topic of git strategy with roots projects. Maybe you’ve already searched them out.