I keep getting "Vagrant Failed to initialize at a very early stage" error when trying to set up Trellis

Hey all,
I’m trying out Trellis for the first time, and I’ve followed the installation guide on this repo:

Hoever, once I cd into the trellis folder in my project and enter ‘vagrant up’, I get this error:

Vagrant failed to initialize at a very early stage:
The home directory you specified is not accessible. The home
directory that Vagrant uses must be both readable and writable.

How can I fix this?

What OS are you running on your primary machine?
If Ubuntu:

Does the home directory in the error message look right?

I’m running on Mac OS Sierra

How do I set the correct permission?

Sorry to hijack this 3 year old thread,

I am getting this issue on MacOS Catalina, only when using trellis up - when I cd into trellis directory, I can do vagrant up with no issues (well, except that I have a http 500 error on my local site, but I don’t know if that’s related).

I have an encrypted home directory but it’s never been an issue before.

I moved my virtualbox hard disk image to an external drive some time ago, but again, that’s no been an issue,

I just had to remove some old entries in my /etc/exports file - not sure if that’s related at all.

The link @fullyint gave here: “Does the home directory in the error message look right?” doesn’t work any more. Do you know what that might be about or where it’s moved to?

Is your /trellis inside your /Documents directory on your Mac?

My sites are at ~/Sites


I forgot I commented here and opened a new topic here: `trellis up` gives error