Is roots for me?


I’m a former front end developer, with basic git / cli experience.

I now manage a company, and I also manage the company website myself.

Our website is a wordpress / woocommerce site with ssl. We are hosted with cloudways.

I’d love to have a local copy of the live site, and of course the live website, perhaps another in between that sits on the live server?

I want to have a testing server to push my changes to and treat like the live website so that I can update the wordpress and woocommerce core, template and theme changes and make sure it works before I deploy to live.

I’ve never done this myself before, and I’m considering paying for the support if this is right for me.

Is trellis what I’m looking for? Any advice welcomed!

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Hi there!

If you’re looking to achieve the best parity between local dev and production, you’re going to have to provision a blank VPS running Ubuntu instead of using a managed WordPress host.

That said, Kinsta (affiliate link) is a managed WordPress host that actually supports Trellis deploys. It also happens to be the only WP host I’ve found not only decent, but pretty damn good :slight_smile:

Most of my sites are Trellis + DigitalOcean, but I have a few sites on Kinsta as well. Kinsta and Trellis play nice together after a few small changes, which I highly recommend if you’re not comfortable with managing your own VPS or just not wanting to deal with hosting.

It’s not ideal, but you could also keep your existing host and figure out how to deploy changes to it, while using Trellis for your local dev & a staging server.


Hi @ben,

Kinsta doesn’t provide root access and have their own LEMP setup.
Can you share you experience with Kinsta? Which roles should be disable and any special changes needed?


You don’t provision to Kinsta at all with Trellis, you only deploy

I just sent off a post last night to the folks at Kinsta that should be going up on the blog soon that has all of the steps you need to follow for Kinsta + Trellis deploys


Do you know if that post ever got uploaded? I am having quite some issues deploying to kinsta from trellis.

Should be going up this week! In the meantime, I’ll PM you a link

Post is live: