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Trellis on Cloudways

There are two things I’m curious about. I like the idea of using Cloudways as it offers a lot of options for developers and sysadmins, and also how, depending on what you need, you can choose a multitude of different services to host your server on (DigitalOcean, AWS, Linode, etc.). However, I haven’t tried to set up trellis via their platform. Has anyone used this service with Trellis? How’s it performed for you?

Second thing is about using the Cloudways Server/Application design. Generally on Cloudways, you can provision a server, then set up different (applications) on that server (document that visualizes this). Which is basically the same concept as having multiple sites on a single trellis set up. I’ve read a few different threads on this, so I suppose I’ll ask this way: As an agency, looking to manage our sites with trellis, should we set up a single server per site? Many of our clients are local shops, real scaling will most likely never be necessary. For clients such as these, could I perhaps group servers by location? Can I keep staging environments all on a single server, and separate the production servers?

Here are the topics I’ve found already discussing the second question:

I also found this thread here, wondering if spinning up a custom PHP application is close enough to the blank ubuntu provision DigitalOcean offers? Looks like the custom PHP application provision form Cloudways doesn’t support MariaDB from the initial look, but I also found this recent press release from Cloudways as well, so I’m not sure.

Separation is better. It also offers a clearer path towards transparent billing. And if one server goes down, it’s only one client.

You could do that.

That’s also possible :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about Cloudways, but Trellis/Ansible can be pretty flexible in terms how you group/separate sites. Might just take a little extra work.