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Looks fantastic! Great!

Just a question: when I scroll down on my Chrome 67.0.3396.87 for macOS, the background of the navigation turns white (from transparent) while it moves up to hide. Is that on purpose?

edit: oh, and I really love the typography on both websites.


Glad you like it!

Yes, the behavior you describe is intentional: If the nav bar were to remain transparent when overlayed on the page, it would easily end up overlayed on top of content which would make the nav bar very difficult to read and interact with, so it has the following behavior:

  • When at the top of the page, the nav bar is transparent
  • When the user scrolls down, the nav bar slides up and out of sight
  • When the user scrolls up, the nav bar appears again, but opaque
  • …Unless the user scrolls all the way to the top of the page, at which point the nav bar becomes transparent again.


Yes, that makes sense now. Possibly hidden navigation would be decremntal to the ux, especially if the bar is not sticky.


Both are stunning, great stuff.


Both of the sites look great. What parts of the roots ecosystem did you use for them?


Thanks! Both of them are built on Sage, and managed/deployed by an internal tool that was very heavily Bedrock-inspired (our hosting environment wouldn’t allow us to use Bedrock or Trellis). One of them was based on my own (slightly modified, now somewhat behind) fork of Sage.


We launched a site for a South African photographer, built using Sage 9


You’re probably aware, but there’s a problem with the site at the moment.


built on sage 9. We use 8.5.4 for work at the agency still but that was just a revised portfolio I threw up when 9 came out. enjoy.


It’s back up again - no idea why it was down :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


all Roots - Sage 9


We’ve recently launched the new e-commerce website of Dutch e-bike brand QWIC. The web experience offers QWIC’s product range, configurator and webshop.

Built with the full roots stack and with @hambos22 sage-woo Woocommerce fork.

Check it out on:


Hi all,

this is one of our turistic website:, it was made with Sage.


I’ve recently launched this site with SAGE 8.5.1. Last before SAGE 9:

It’s a corporate website for a well know agency in Spain:


I just launched - full Roots stack with Sage 9. I’d love any feedback!


New accommodation booking site for Bunya Mountains:

A few personal firsts in this one. First time writing a custom plugin to make API for property data. First custom AJAX search.


Another project based on Sage9!
GSAP + Scrollmagic + Barba
Enjoy :slight_smile:


just some projects based on roots 8.x


Here are some new ones… breweries only (almost) of course:


My agency finally redid our new website!