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Miiiight wanna add www to your https/ssl definitions padre, that link (the one with www prefix) is throwing a Privacy Error in Chrome.


All very nice but one thing I couldn’t resist to notice, the menu button on desktop view -> Damn tight anchor yo have there pal :sweat_smile:

My very first Sage 8 site:


We just launched

We used tilt.js for the portfolio hover effects, and FacetWP for the portfolio itself. The front page animation is Parallax.js, and the race car in the footer is basicScroll.

There’s a ton of ACF in there, too.



We launched a new site for International Medical Corps about six months ago or so.

Built on Sage 8.X and Foundation.


Our second Roots (Trellis + Bedrock + Sage 8) build for a music video director Gordon Cowie completed in January '18. Built with WooCommerce, ShiftNav for the mobile menu, and Metaslider with dynamic Post Feeds so multiple post types of content can be fed into the slideshow.


Just finished another booking agency website for OECUS from berlin using the full Roots stack:


My latest and last Sage 8 projects, I promise!


Another simple brochure website


Pushed few weeks ago with the whole roots stack :heart:


Hey there!
Here there is my new project based on Sage9

Be careful, threejs & webgl inside :sunglasses:


Wow, I love it. What else did you use to create the site?


Nothing special :slight_smile:.
More than Sage 9 I introduced:

  • Threejs for the model
  • GSAP as animation engine
  • ScrollMagic for some scrolling effects somewhere
  • Barbajs for the page transitions
  • WPML for the multilanguage


Some of the first sites built with friends using the whole Roots stack:

The first 2 are hosted on Kinsta but the last one is on our AWS servers with the assistance of the amazing @TangRufus.

Really appreciate what the Roots team have built; my development skills have skyrocketed since diving head first into using modern tools. They’ve made me think in better ways and approach every situation with a wider perspective.


Some amazing work posted lately … for a change of pace here’s another simple little brochure website :smiley:


Super interesting work with the tooltips on the SVG map. I’ll have to remember that!


Thanks. It’s not very flexible for editing, like if you need to move or add a pin … but it works!


I did a drag-and-drop-to-get-x-and-y-positioning-on-a-background-image using ACF and jQuery UI’s .draggable to position distributors over a map of the United States.

And then they never added another distributor over the four years I supported the site.

So you’re probably fine :wink:


Should advise that on my 13" MBP using the latest Firefox, there’s a bit of a scroll on your homepage to the right.


Bah, last minute change I didn’t fully test … thanks


Just launched this behemoth: I built a kind of neat system for it that uses taxonomies to control access to content on the back-end for the different locations.

Whoops, forgot I also launched this one this week: (actually one of my favorite sites I’ve built in a while).