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Thanks Jeff, very helpful!


@cfx My pleasure! Please be sure to post the final project & @ me so I can see!


@JeffChambers definitely will do!


Very good and impressive work here, congratulations folks! Very proud to be part of the Roots Community…
Some of my last projects proudly powered by Roots!


Site for a Speaker/Consultant/Coach:


Recently launched


I’m really happy with Roots, incredible fast and easy to use.

I use it in one of my latest project, is a students portal for the spanish/latin america market:

We are having good critics!



Being simple it is almost stock roots and bootstrap. I think the mobile version is confusing, have you used a mobile first workflow? The dual col layout doesnt work well on phone screebs. Other than that seems OK.


Built with Roots:

Was definitely a much more pleasant experience than usual WP Theme development


Yep, you are correct, just fixed the mobile version, I’ts almost stock except for the search area and some custom menus here:


I built these sites with Roots:





My latest finished Roots websites:


Still very grateful for this superb starter theme!


Man these are some really cool sites! Thank you! I really liked the Association of Teachers of Singing website and the title of the Cheadle Geeks ! Well done!


fast enough to load in 1.2 Seconds
thanks for great theme @benword


Here is my portfolio site I created using Roots:


Latest site I’ve built with roots:

updated my portfolio with roots as well:


Hi there,

i’ve used roots since more or less the beginning.
here are a couple sites I’ve done.

Feedback appreciated of course.


My first site using root,
Made for a french architecture agency


beautiful sites,
fine graphism,
very cool ux
well done !

(btw doesn’t work)


Few more are coming soon!