Live Examples


Nice, like the use of unsplash :wink:


Love the feel of this site, the minimal style and typography choices are very modern.

I would like to point out that there seems to be some issues with your home page navigation bar, it rides down as you scroll (is set to fixed position) but the text blends in when on the white background. May I suggest either absolutely positioning it, or if you want to get fancy you can use JS to alter the background from transparent to opaque on scroll.

Also, there seem to be several 404s for missing assets in the console.



@cfx, Yes! they have beautiful pictures :slight_smile:
@ewafford, Thx for pointing out the bugs you found, and for the advice.


Hey guys, I found the website I took the design inspiration from, I couldn’t take all the credit.
This might be useful for your projects too



Here’s one site that we’ve built on top of Roots. It was built back in summer 2013 so not running the latest bootstrap etc. :wink:


I built this companion website for a course I’m teaching in typography with Roots


@fstrizzi Good job fixing it!!! It looks now very good on mobile! :smile:
I’m happy you listened to us (most people I criticize wont even care to fix what was wrong).
Keep up the good work :congratulations:


Just finished two sites for clients. Using Roots.


Great sites @thehonestape!


Recently Just went live with roots:


Here’s a list of different websites developed by our agency 40Q using Roots:

Please feel free to share your opinion with us.


I recently redesigned the tech news site GeekWire using Roots:

Thanks for the useful framework!


Started an artist blog with some friends called adhoc using Roots, best decision I ever made. Feel free to check it out guys!


We just launched a big redesign of our site at Check it out!


That’s really nice man!



We also just launched a complete redesign of our site and rebuild it from scratch with Roots using responsive images and lazyloading etc. As a result I get a 92 score at Yslow (my best score so far), so thanks again Roots!
The result:


just my porfolio, parralax style with Roots:
I’m working on the content.

I transform some template to roots and improve my skills


Recent site I’ve built using Bedrock and Roots 7.0.1.

I was only a visual designer with some HTML/CSS/PHP experience when I started to build my first WordPress theme. Soon after I bumped into Roots repo on GitHub and, oh boy, the whole new world opened up for me! Thanks to Roots I’ve learned so much about modern web development workflow in the past two years! Thank you guys and keep up the good work!


Can’t believe I forgot to post these up - not on Sage, but I’ve got a good Sage-based one launching very soon: