Local by Flywheel - Bedrock - Windows 10

Hey, I’ve been following the guide “Local Bedrock Development with Local by Flywheel”, however it appears slightly out of date. I’ve run in to a change required which has changed since that guides published date.

I am setting this up on Windows 10.

I’ve got my bedrock files setup at: C:\Users\jordan.charters\Local Sites\comfydevmulti\app\bedrock

I am on the stage of changing the local nginx path.

  • Clay from Flywheel details the following:

“Local 5 and newer utilizes a native stack, so paths such as /app won’t work anymore. You will need to provide the entire path.”

So, I set this: root 'C:\Users\jordan.charters\Local Sites\comfydevmulti\app\bedrock\web';

Restarted nginx etc, this is the error:

Notice how the Windows path is \ but then it eventually switches to /, I wonder if that is the issue. Any thoughts here?

Realising that, the fact I see that error shows nginx is running, correct?

The issue is, on load it’s going to this file with this code:



/** WordPress view bootstrapper */

define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);

require __DIR__ . '/wp/wp-blog-header.php';

So, it’s the idea it’s trying to load: C:\Users\jordan.charters\Local Sites\comfydevmulti\app\bedrock\web/wp/wp-blog-header.php

Hey Jordan,

Did you run composer install in the base bedrock folder? And if so, was it successful?

Bedrock does not include the directory “web/wp” when it is originally cloned, it’s installed by composer when it downloads the latest WordPress version and installs it in that location. So if you could look at your directories and make sure a what looks like a standard install of WordPress is in that directory. If so someone else will need to offer assistance.

To your second post’s questions: Nginx is running. And, PHP is running. I’d assume everything in “Local” is operating as expected.

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Ah, forgot to reply to this! That was it, composer install I forgot to run! Thanks for the suggestion.

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