London meetup?

OK, so a while ago it come up in conversation on here that there’s several London-based people using various Roots tools and posting up on Roots Discourse.

Anyone up for a mini-meetup/drink?

Always good to share ideas and meet like-minded people. I’m the Head of Digital here at the studio I work for and we occasionally use freelancers and it would be great to use people who work with Roots tools, specifically Sage.

Sounds like a good idea :smile:

Anyone ever done a pecha kucha presentation? We could make a small “powered by” event and use that format to get to know us better in those 6.40 seconds presentation formats for people who would like to do it (we should limit them to 7-8 people though) :smile:

I’m from Notts though but may come down if the dates fit etc.

Sounds good!

Let’s see if anyone else is up for it. I’d be happy to do a little pecha kucha presentation too, sound fun :smile:

Based in Birmingham but I’d be up for it :thumbsup:

Keep 'em coming guys and perhaps we can legitimise this a bit with a proper venue (I can arrange) if people are willing to make a journey to London.

@nathobson Nice, i can do a (digital) poster for fun! :wink:

Yes this sounds interesting :smile:

I’d be up for a London meet…

Alright, well that probably enough interest to get something off the ground. I’m thinking mid-end of Jan so everyone has enough notice to make arrangements? How does that sound?


@JulienMelissas is going to be in London for the conference at the end of Jan!

Maybe @Foxaii could make an appearance as well

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Great stuff!

The timing seems pretty spot on then. It’d be great to tie that all together.

I’ll wait for the other guys to pitch in and go from there :smile:

Hi all - I’m definitely up for this; just moved to Charlton (SE7) 4 days ago.

Mid/end Jan would be OK (unless others are as impatient as me :smile:)

I would love to make a meetup in London! I will be in the UK from the 25th - the 29th, and it would be awesome to meet up and hang out. FeelingRESTfull is on the 28th, but any other time is good with me. I probably can’t attend an all-day thing (the girlfriend and I are treating this as a personal holiday as well), but would at least like to grab a beer.

You guys let me know if those dates might work and I’ll try to be there! :beers:

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@JulienMelissas - 26/27th work for me (there’s a WooCommerce meetup on the 25th); I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

Do you know where you’ll be staying?

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@doug - our first day there is the 25th, so I think the 27th would be better for me, but I’m sure I could make either of those would work, especially if it’s just a beer. If we’re going to do presentations (I would be happy to give an angular + sage one) then the 27th would work better.

@nathobson - how does the 27th sound to you?

I’ll be staying in Bloomsbury, pretty central it seems.

Ha, happy to have an mini-meet sooner if there’s an appetite for it! I’m away beginning of Jan so would need to be this side of Christmas.

Meeting up for some evening beers somewhere central and assessable makes sense. 27th sounds great to me. As mentioned, I’m happy to arrange a location once we’ve got a ballpark idea of numbers. I’d also be happy to host here at our studio and could provide drinks. If we were to do some short intros/ presentations, we have a screen here. We’re based right next to Old Street station, near Shoreditch. Some great bars around for those interested in making it a later one :wink:


I sense we’ve escalated beyond pecha kucha presentations

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Angular and tequila?! :grin:

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Now we’re talkin’

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