London meetup?

That will be the name for a new JS framework next week. Probably.

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@JulienMelissas, @nathobson - OK cool, I’ll put 27th provisionally in my calendar. Hopefully we can get some more ppl involved

@nathobson - Re: mini-meet - Why not? :smile:

Re: location - sounds good, let’s keep talking

I’m in London on a semi-regular basis, so I should be able to stop by. I’ll let you know nearer the time.

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I’m based near Haggerston and would be up for both a drink and/or proper meet. Looking forward.

Great. I/we should probably put some sort of sign up together to get numbers and be able to remind people nearer the time.

What about creating a ‘Modern WordPress development’ meet up on

Anything works for me. Just let me know where to sign up and if we’re doing it on the 27th (or around) I’ll try my best to be there.

Sounds good. Not all of our team are in the UK at the moment, but I am!

I’d love to be there but I’m away skiing. And I’ve just moved to London, oh the irony…

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Where in London?

Like @nathobson said earlier, we could do a mini meetup or something before or after too

Bermondsey area, I’m starting a new job at an agency in the biscuit factory in the new year. That would be great, always up for meeting other roots fans.

If this main meetup goes well in Jan, we can always keep it up as a regular thing too :smile:

Yeah, absolutely.

Anyone going to the WP meetup tomorrow eve?

Happy New Year everyone.

OK, so I’m back from my travels and looking to firm up the plans for the London meetup.

Are we still all good with the 27th Jan? I think some sort of register interest page is a good idea so I’ll chuck something together to get an idea of numbers unless anyone else particularly want to sort that out?

I’ve actually gone ahead and set up an Eventbrite page to register interest so if you could please go ahead and register for the event on there if you’re thinking of popping along purely so I can get an idea of numbers:

Cheers :slightly_smiling:


I’m in!

See you then

See you then indeed!

We’ve only got 5 people signed up so far, any others interested still?

I’ll be the sixth.

The date on Eventbrite is in February by the way


And I’ll be blaming the date error on my jet lag :wink: I’ve amended that to January as it should have originally been! Apologies for anyone who has singed up to the incorrect date.

+1 here, just signed up, bought train tickets :sunglasses:

Nice one :grin: For Jan not Feb I hope! Coming into Waterloo?

Looking at the numbers so far, I think we’ll be fine here at my studio but if that needs to change if numbers increase lots (I’d say 25+ which seems unlikely!) I can arrange a nearby venue.