Maintaining a "Best Practices", "Working Examples", or "FAQs" section of the site

Spinning off from this comment, does it make sense to maintain a page in the Sage documentation dedicated to best practice examples for things like adding FontAwesome (and other packages)?

I’m often working from examples laid out by the Roots team, like _grid.scss and the Font Awesome example that was included in earlier versions of Sage 9. This Blade example is another great example. We often see general questions on this forum about adding packages like FontAwesome “the Roots way”.

I don’t know where the line would be between “useful examples” and “re-documenting npm”, but there must be a good way to maintain answers to these FAQs, right?


I’ve actually gotten to peek at the new Sage 9 book and it contains quite a bit more information/examples and addresses a lot of non-sage related topics that are seen on Discourse frequently. There is also a resources section akin to an FAQ linking to outside documentation as well as the most popular questions on this forum.


Was thinking a similar thing today, some nice “snippets” or gists would be nice for some things :slight_smile: for example ACF flexible fields + Blade best practices would be one of them.

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There’s always the #example tag! I wish people used it more here.