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Migration from bedrock to a normal install

I have a client that wants to host his website by his own on a shared hosting, I developed the website on bedrock + trellis

when I tried to move it, I moved the theme + plugins + db
the website moved but I still have a problem with the assets, they all point to wp/wp-content
the admin panel is still in wp/wp-admin
I did a rewrite flush but still nothing

What are site_url and home set to in wp_options?

You’ll need to do a wp search-replace through the database.

I’ve typically done this in WP Migrate DB Pro during migration.

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When I search replace in migrate db, is normally do the following replacements:
//url.example/wp -> //url.example
/app/ -> /wp-content/

For the second one url.example/app/ -> url.example/wp-content/ may be more appropriate

For the site files, I rename the app directory to wp-content and remove the bedrock-specific plugins from the mu-plugins directory. Eg bedrock-autoloader.php In our case we don’t have anything in mu-plugins relevant to no bedrock or non trellis hosting.

So the client gets a database and a compressed wp-content they can drop into a clean wordpress install. This way no bedrock-specific mu-plugins OR config comes across.

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