Module parse failed: Unexpected character '@' Sage 10

Hi I’m using sage 10 and added slick-carousel and react-slick.
I’ve added react-slick and slick-carousel packages by using yarn

yarn add react-slick
yarn add slick-carousel

and then imported required css files like this:

import "slick-carousel/slick/slick.css";
import "slick-carousel/slick/slick-theme.css";

When I add import statements for importing slick css, yarn build command throws an error: Module parse failed: Unexpected character ‘@’. This issue happens only when I’m importing external css file inside a js file. You can see the error message below.

╭ sage [82619ef58ee50380]                                                                                            ./public
│ │ Module parse failed: Unexpected character '@' (1:0)
│ │
│ │ > @charset 'UTF-8';
│ │ | /* Slider */
│ │ | .slick-loading .slick-list

I found resources on stackoverflow(sass - Webpack 5 error "Uncaught Error: Module parse failed: Unexpected character '@'" when loading fonts - Stack Overflow) but there are some modifications is needed in webpack config file and In my setup of sage10 I can’t find any webpack config file. Do I need to create this manually?

I found one resource here as well but it says import CSS to app.css file. What if someone wants to import that particular CSS for a specific component instead importing it for complete app?

Even when we add these css files in app.css it throws and build warnings:

│ │ Module Warning (from ../node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js):
│ │ (6:1) from "postcss-import" plugin: @import must precede all other statements (besides @charset or empty @layer)
│ │ Code:
│ │   @import 'aos/dist/aos.css'
│ │ Module Warning (from ../node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js):
│ │ (20:1) from "postcss-import" plugin: @import must precede all other statements (besides @charset or empty @layer)
│ │ Code:
│ │   @import 'slick-carousel/slick/slick.css'

Using the following versions:
Sage 10.7.0
“slick-carousel”: “^1.8.1”
“react-slick”: “^0.29.0”

Any help or workaround is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @ben

Please remove unlisting now as I have updated my post with the required details.

Thanks for updating your post, but you still need to provide the steps you took (post the code/the contents of your files)

How exactly did you add slick-carousel and react-slick? How are you trying to use it?

I have added all the required details from my end. Please check now

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I encountered the same problem, adding css-loader worked for me. Try to add this to your bud config after installing css-loader:

    .hooks.on('build.module.rules.oneOf', (rules = []) => {
        test: /\.css$/,
        use: [

      return rules;

Thanks @Menno

It worked for me as well. Thanks again! :grinning: