How to best ask questions on this forum

Our intent for this forum is to provide an environment for the following:

  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Information sharing

This means that we want posts that ask for detailed help in solving a specific problem, or provide information that is likely to be useful to future visitors.

Use a title that accurately describes the topic

Detailed titles help folks that are searching for the same issue that you’re running into.

Choose the relevant category and any relevant tags

There are categories for each of our projects: Acorn, Bedrock, Bud, Clover, Sage, and Trellis. Sometimes your topic will span multiple projects — pick one that you think makes the most sense.

You can also apply optional tags that help make it easier to understand what your topic is about, such as sage9 and sage10.

Provide all relevant details about your setup

Operating systems, local/remote environment information, versions of the software that you’re using are all important details that should be provided when asking for help.

Post your code, error messages, and logs

Always provide code. Do not create topics that explain with just words, and no code, to describe what you’re dealing with.

Always provide error messages and relevant logs.

Format your code and logs properly when posting it. This forum uses Markdown syntax. Inline code should be posted within backticks (`). Code blocks and logs should be posted within fenced backticks.

See Creating and highlighting code blocks - GitHub Docs for more details.

Don’t post screenshots of code or errors

Screenshots prevent folks from being able to copy and run/test your code, make posts less searchable for other people with the same problem, and prevent assistive technologies like screen readers from working.

Provide a minimum reproducible example

Demonstrate your issue with a list of instructions that can be followed to replicate it.

Utilize longer-form writing

Low-effort topics are not tolerated. Be respectful of other’s time. For further details, we recommend reading