Plugin problems - looking for a workaround

Hi all -

We have a large project hosted on Trellis. It has been wonderful. However I have started to see some issues related to how plugins are installed, updated, and removed within a team environment. Plugins that are not installed via composer or plugins that were installed properly and then removed properly and then reinstalled later. Or someone forgets to test a plugin locally and then once installed and when activated breaks the site. Then when it’s removed the site works again.

This whole plugin process is messy in my opinion. The site has been loading much more slowly. And we can’t figure out why.

Sometimes when we have 800+ concurrent users the site is loading in around 1 second. But other times when only 500 concurrent users the site will load ultra snail speed slow like 12-34 seconds.

We tried cleaning the DB. We checked the logs, monitored the server resources, etc. And still the site is loading ultra slow about 70% of the time.

So we are moving the site from Trellis to CloudPanel using a similar size Digital Ocean droplet. Shared CPU 32 Cores + 32gb RAM with AMD plan. This is a single site on the droplet. Partly because we want all team members to be able to clean up and work with the GUI file manager and phpMyAdmin without using Composer for everything. The other reason is only 2 of our team (including myself)are comfortable in the command line and Trellis-CLI.

Yes I am aware this is not the standard way to manage plugins for Roots / Bedrock sites. I’m wanting to reduce the need for composer with everything. And I know these questions will get some laughs and rolled-eyes :slight_smile:

  • Question #1- How to install plugins from WP Admin?

  • Question #2- How to have automatic updates for core WordPress and Plugins

  • Question #3 - How to delete plugins from WP Admin?

  • Question #4- How to trouble shoot plugins that break the entire site on activate?

  • Question #5- How to enable Plugin Search?

  • Question #6- How to trouble shoot why a site is slow from plugins?

Please answer in any order or only what you want to answer :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Setting DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT & DISALLOW_FILE_MODS in Bedrock config (application.php) to false will allow #1, #2, #3 & #5.

#4 & #6: lookup profiling plugins (Query Monitor, Debug bar etc) on the forum, couple of folks have dived down various rabbit holes at times debugging specific issues - eg.

best of luck! :pray:


Wow, Thank you!
I was not expecting to get most of my questions answered in a single post!

Cheers! :pray: :hugs:

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