Roots Radio – Episode 0

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Hey! We’re kicking off a fun new project here – Roots Radio! Roots Radio is a new podcast about the Roots tools, a chance for us to talk with some folks doing cool things with their own Roots related projects, and general banter about modern web development. Look for a new episode every couple weeks…


Hi. This is cool :slight_smile: Hoping to learn some new stuff.

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I learned that everyone so far on the Roots team has sexy voices. Hope you guys don’t mind me sharing that :blush:


Episode 0 was nice, can’t wait for more :smile:

You got anything you want to share, Sir? Not that there’s something wrong with that :hankey:

Awesome introduction to and historical account of the progression of Roots!

Hopefully you’ll regularly keep the Roots Example Project updated, with Trellis rename going live this week and merged into this repo. I look forward to studying it.

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This is awesome. One small detail that confused me at first was with ansible. I didn’t know about it so I went to the ansible website and it looked like it was an expensive paid product. I guess it’s free, open source.

thats cool :smiley: i like it

Is there an RSS feed for the podcast?


This is awesome.

Anyone know if this will work in a podcast application?

Thanks for the kind feedback! We will update the post and this topic as soon as Apple approves the podcast and gets it listed, but for now you can use the direct SoundCloud RSS feed below in your podcast apps (note, url may change in the future).


Haven’t had a chance to listen yet. but I love that you started with episode 0.


Haha, me too :slight_smile: I noticed the same and were on the brink of posting about it. Nerdy as hell and I love it!

Ansible Tower is the expensive paid product. Ansible itself is free.

Super awesome to get an intro to you guys, big ups and big thanks for the work you’re doing. Will be tuning in to the episodes as they come out :wink:

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Great to hear the story.

Really interesting just to listen to what you all have to say.

How about a nice Roots reggae theme tune :notes:

I found this podcast by searching in Pocket Casts for Android. Downloading it now! :slight_smile:

Good news! The podcast is now listed with iTunes and other services. Subscribe in your favorite podcatcher by searching for “Roots Radio”, or at the iTunes link below:


I finally got around to listening to this podcast. Really enjoyed it, and I think newcomers to Roots / Sage will get a lot out of it. I work with quite a few other devs who haven’t yet discovered the theme wrapper mechanism yet, so this will help me explain it better to them :slight_smile:

Dang. MAMP got owned in this cast! I have to start using Trellis. It was totally badass listening to all of you.