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Is there a point in updating existing bedrock-ansible based sites/environments to trellis? I’ve seen that you’ve added a couple of things such as micro caching, which is nice. Would an upgrade be as simple as pulling changes from upstream and then reprovisioning the machine?

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How does the roots team manage database and file upload syncing? I’ve seen several suggestions on the forum, several people using WP Migrate DB Pro (which I am using, and I think they have a wp-cli plugin as well), suggestions to use trellis for the server provisioning, then using bedrock-capistrano…

Then there’s wp-cli’s wp db export combined with a manual search-and-replace and scp/rsync…

Plenty of options, which one or many do y’all use to keep your database and uploads in sync?

Also +1 @poggen’s question.


Is Trellis a longterm solution? Is it ready to be a production/client safe workflow we can use? If i have a client or personal project using trellis/bedrock/sage how can i keep up with it after 3 month/6 month/ 1year 3 years? I think roots projects are updating really fast and i feel like it’s hard to keep up some times. There is a feeling that the project made with Roots 7 are “left behind time”.

In short how can we grow/follow trellis’s growth? :slight_smile:


I’m really looking for a Screencast that can help me put everything together. I just finished listening to the first Roots Radio and its great. I started using Roots 6 but I’ve been using MAMP along with the Backup Buddy plugin with SFTP. I really want to get away from that and learn how to use Sage + Bedrock + Trellis, because these are terrible practices and I have run into issues with scalability in projects that need long term solutions. It’d be great to see how you guys use all three of these together… especially for how to one can develop locally and then deploy to staging/production servers.


Hey guys, thanks for the questions! We got to a lot of these questions in episode 1, so check it out and keep 'em comin!

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Just so everyone knows, we’ll be doing the next episode on freelancing with Roots tools and freelance/client WP work in general. If you have any questions, please post them up here and we’ll see which ones we can get to!

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Thanks for the episode, and answering my question :wink: Looking forward to the next episode.

I have a question about freelancing with Roots tools. I’ve read a lot on the forum about setting up sites with Trellis on services like Digital Ocean. I am not a sysadmin by any means and the idea of setting up client sites on such a service scares me a bit. I am not sure if my fears are justified, whether the management process is fairly straightforward, what types of hurdles to expect, and how best to prepare for them.



I don’t personally like to endorse this repo because that guy is not only part of a team that fought with us on the entire Roots repo thing, but in general I just don’t want to support him because I’d rather pay Delicious Brains a little bit for all the hard work I know they put in. I know that GPL lets slang800 do that, but I still think it’s weird ;). Plus Migrate DB Pro is totally worth the :moneybag:, and it gets regular updates.

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Along with what Julien said, Migrate DB Proisopen source. Paying for code and open source are not mutually exclusive.

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Ah, I didn’t realise that. I’ve deleted my original post after reading those links. Thanks for informing me :slight_smile:

No worries at all… I just thought I’d point it out :wink: - it’s up to each person if they want to use it or not.

Love your product! Especially excited that y’all launched a podcast.

Question - How does the Roots team choose one development tool vs another with the growing landscape?

For example, I noticed the newer releases of Sage use Gulp instead of Grunt. What’s the tipping point in your workflow? I’m always a bit hesitant to make a switch like that because inevitably you have to prune through all your old tasks / dependencies, especially if I have old clients using the “legacy” workflow.

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Hi roots team. I am brand new to roots, and I’m super stoked about it. Just listened to the first 4 episodes of the podcast. I especially like the freelancing episode. I have been dabbling in WordPress off and on for years, but am really thinking about trying to dive in as a freelancer to quit the 9-5 eventually. I’d love to hear more conversations around freelancing with WordPress. Specifically, for a new entrant, how can I land small business clients and sell them on a custom WordPress stack over something like Squarespace? I really care about performance through the whole stack (thus learning the roots tools this weekend), but how can I turn that into a real selling point to land clients? Any other new-to-freelancing tips would be great as well.


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Hi guys,

Like the podcasts! Here’s some topics for you:

Possible solutions in the future: roadmap of projects, deployment alternatives, stuff like HAL

What do you imagine dev will be like in 5, or 10 years?
Do you see WP surviving that long without making big changes?

No design or UX has been really touched on yet. What do you think about the growing sameness in web design, a.k.a. results driven design - is creativity dying?

The times where freelancing, WordPress, clients and roots all conjugate. For instance, have handed projects off before and had people freak out about the bedrock folder structure, how would you handle that? Also E.G. Hosting, billing, site maintenance, database management/syncing among a team, non-transactional email, etc.

Looking forward to the next show


I need to better understand of version control strategies. For example, let’s say I have some plugins that are available on wpackagist or github and some premium (like gravity forms, for example). I guess I would put those in my composer.json file and take gravity forms out of my .gitignore file (?). I guess that would be good for tracking files, but what’s the best way/time to backup/migrate all the database settings (WP DB migrate pro)? How does this fit into all my environments and deployment? It would be great to get an end to end example of this along with trashing the local project folder completely and restoring everything from github/db backups.


Deployment strategies and requirements