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Running Trellis on Runcloud

Hello Roots community!

Does anyone have experience hosting Trellis on a VPS managed by Runcloud?

I love using Runcloud to manage my VPS instances and web apps. I’m intrigued by Trellis’ philosophy and development/production parity but I wonder how much attention and work is involved in keeping up to date and secure on a day-to-day basis.

I would ideally use Runcloud as an overarching devops scaffold and use Trellis to provisions WP sites through it. I would only run Trellis on a given VPS to avoid any potential conflicts with other apps.

Any ideas on how to go about settings this up? Can I just set up a RunCloud-manged VPS, ssh into it and configure Trellis? How do I deal with routing since both RunCloud and Trellis manage it?

Thanks for any input!

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