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Sage 8 & Browser Sync - Browser ERR Empty Response

Hi there,

I’m having an issue where all my sage 8.5 installs have stopped working in Chrome when running gulp watch. My dist folder is compiling the updates to css and js files but when chrome opens the live preview window (localhost:3000/project-name) it hangs for a long time before throwing ERR Empty Response.

Note: I can view the sites on localhost.

I’ve tried to find the cause of this elsewhere - people suggesting to comment out ::localhost in hosts file. Tried this but no luck. Was hoping somebody else had come across this issue - which has only started happening very recently. Completely stumped:

Sage version: 8.5.4
Node: 6.10.1
NPM: 3.10.10
PHP: 7.0.3
Apache 2.4.9
Wampserver 32 (v 3.1.3)
Windows 7

Any help would be awesome. Many thanks!

If anyone else runs into this error - Latest version of MalwareBytes was blocking proxys. I disabled it and now everything works fine

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