Sage 9 Beta 2: main.js and style.css 404

Disclaimer: I’m using Docker with Bedrock, Sage 9 beta, nginx, and FPM. And I’m also new to both Sage and Bedrock.

I got everything up and running but main.js and style.css are 404. I’ve manually created both directories and files to see what would happen and it still 404’s. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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You shouldn’t have to do that, the dist folder is created automatically.

The 404 on the style.css is expected and normal behaviour (styles are directly injected in Webpack). For the main.js, try running a yarn run build and then start the watch again with yarn run start.

For the missing CSS, I follow the guide from this post and it works.

Sage 9 main.css 404 on devUrl