[Sage 9] Taxonomy template

A custom taxonomy has been defined for the WooCommerce product post type (not a product attribute taxonomy!).
Now I try to add a template for this taxonomy to an existing Sage 9 theme, however, using the obvious path resources/views/taxonomy-<taxonomy-slug>.blade.php or resources/views/tax-<taxonomy-slug>.blade.php doesn’t work, the template is not used.
How can I find out what paths would be loaded by Sage (9)?

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IIRC the Sage 9 template loading logic is this: https://github.com/roots/sage/blob/f3e794a09374d2f110742d15b9b975490fcddbee/app/filters.php#L46-L67

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Where can I find out what collect and reduce are exactly doing with the body classes?
Are they filtered or compared to another array or the existence of template files?


I’m not certain I understand your question.

Ah, I understand. This has nothing to do with the actual template name or path, it collects the data to be passed to view by different filters.

So in Sage 9 the original/normal WordPress template name/path mechanism is used?
Maybe a debug plugin could show me the template search paths for that taxonomy.

Edit: A debug plugin (Query Monitor or Debug Bar) indeed shows on each page/post/taxonomy all the template paths WordPress looks for.