Searching Freelancer for Various Projects

Hi there,

I am searching for talented devs who are interested in working as a team on various projects. I am based in Munich (Germany), working on WordPress projects since 12 years. I am heavily using Roots libraries such as Bedrock & Sage for over 6 years now and also try to contribute to those wherever possible. As clients stay with me - what I count as a compliment to my work - while new projects come along all the time, I am slowly overloaded with work and loose more and more time for beloved side-projects such as That is why I am watching out for relyable and passionated team players.

For the coming months I have multipe projects in the pipeline for which I need support, mainly on frontend development using Tailwind, Blade, JavaScript, React & Laravel. I want to max out the possibilities that #sage10, #bud & #acorn have to offer. So you should bring:

  • Comprehensive experience with WordPress Core
  • Comprehensive frontend experience with Roots Sage
  • Experience with GIT, Composer, Yarn, Webpack, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript and common libaries
  • Ambition to write readable and beautiful code
  • Competence to work independently on projects

Personal communication and a constant, open and appreciative exchange is very important to me. I am searching for partners, not for employees. Offering remote work and the payment of your desired hourly rate as well as a constant workload.

If you are interested, please send a PM introducing yourself. I look forward to learn something about you, your work and experiences. Also please let me know what you hourly rate is.

The upcoming projects also include the possibilities to follow up with a concept to create framework modules for Sage, what I initially called Stage. So if you also want to contribute to community packages while getting payed, this might be a chance.


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