Roots updates from March, Bud is 30% faster πŸŽ‰

Howdy! We’ve moved away from Mailchimp (again) and made some additional changes to the newsletter:

  • We’re no longer tracking opens or clicks on these emails
  • Emails are now being addressed from myself :wave:

Please let us know if this happened to hit your spam folder! I’m now also finally publishing these on Roots Discourse to keep a public archive (sorry this took so long, @vdrnn!).


Thank you to everyone who contributed in March :pray: @bbuilds, @catgofire, @evance, @joshf, @slowrush, @toddsantoro, @UnlocDavid

WordPress plugins and tools

General web/dev resources

  • difftastic β€” a diff that understands syntax
  • valet isolate :eyes: β€” Laravel Valet to soon support different versions of PHP per site
  • Safari 15.4 is finally out β€” :has(), lazy loading, accent-color, and more
  • Devzat β€” Chat over SSH
  • gh-prs β€” gh cli extension to display a dashboard of PRs (h/t @knowler via Slack)
  • SketchyBar (macOS) β€” Highly customizable status bar replacement (h/t @knowler via Slack)
  • Corset: Cascading binding sheets β€” an alternative to frameworks like React and Vue using a CSS-like DSL
  • Global Ray β€” Use dd() , dump(), and ray() in any PHP file on your system
  • When or If β€” The CSSWG is debating what to name a conditional structure
  • GrowthBook β€” Open-source feature flagging and A/B testing platform

Blade tips

Roots-related jobs

See more from the jobs category, and check out our new monthly Who wants to be hired? topic

Built with Sage

WordPress package changes

The roots/wordpress Composer package will be switching to the β€œno-content” WordPress release with WordPress 6.0. Please add any comments or questions on the GitHub issue.

Special thanks

Thanks so much to everyone that has sponsored Roots via GitHub or Patreon. We are extremely grateful to also have received two one-time anonymous donations this past month: one for $250 and one for $500 :pray:

If you’re able to, please considering sponsoring Roots on GitHub & come join us on Roots Slack (soon to be Discord :eyes:).

This might be the only email I say this in: we’re restarting work on Clover this year, and folks that are sponsoring Roots at the $7 tier will get access to the GitHub repo when development begins on it again. Once that happens, we’ll be adding a new $20 sponsorship tier which will be the monthly amount required in order to gain access to Clover on GitHub, along with early access to any other future projects (Bedrock Pro… :eyes:), and any other sponsor-only packages we create.

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