Sidebar documentation should include instructions on how to change the size

I think that the sidebar documentation should include instructions on how to change the size of the sidebar. The only reference that I found after some searching was this post, which indicates that the sidebar width can be controlled using a variable - sidebar-sm-columns.

This solved my problem but I had some trouble figuring it out until I found that post. I believe that this information should be documented in an easier to find place and with some more information about it.

Thanks for the feedback.

You’re right that this should be on the docs and/or noted in the source comments. A PR would be welcome for the latter.

@Foxaii I’d send a PR with a doc comment for the above issue, but I feel dense because I can’t determine where, exactly, you expect to see the source comment.

There aren’t a lot of comments in Sage, so I’d look for help at - but I’m unsure how to contribute.

Can you point me in the right direction?

There’s assets/styles/component/_grid.scss that contains the mixins; and lib/config.php and lib/extras.php that determine if the sidebar is shown and add the body class respectively.

Where would it have helped you to have a comment?

Honestly @Foxaii, I’d look on Docs, before I looked in the source for the answer, and I’m unsure if a newbie would even think to look in _grid.scss, config.php or extras.php for info on setting sidebar width.

I can’t seem to find an elegant place in these files to put such a comment; it just seems parenthetical.

My best thought for a source comment is to add one to _grid.scss that declares that .sidebar is setting the sidebar width.

Then, I’d add a small section addressing the issue on the Theme Sidebar page in Docs.

What do you think?