Sidebar width, roots 7?

Hi All,

So, with a new version of roots comes changes in workflow. It used to be that I could just modify this:

function roots_main_class() {
  if (roots_display_sidebar()) {
    // Classes on pages with the sidebar
    $class = 'col-sm-8';
  } else {
    // Classes on full width pages
    $class = 'col-sm-12';
  return $class;

and customize it to say, col-sm-9, if needed. What’s the proper procedure for this now?



Rightfully so, this has been moved into variables.less

// Grid settings
// -------------------------

@main-sm-columns: @grid-columns;
@sidebar-sm-columns: 3;

Correct, the Bootstrap markup is no longer part of PHP and the sidebar width is now a LESS variable.

much better approach… thanks for the answer… i hope this helps others!