Skip Provisioning and Just Deploy via Trellis to an already-configured CentOS server

I have a CentOS VPS (with PHP5.6 along with other non-Trellis compatible stuff) and I’m exploring the possibility of using Trellis for deployment.

The responses to similar cases I’ve found in this forum suggest that I may be better off using Capistrano for deployment, though I’m trying to avoid getting into Ruby if I could.

As such, I’m wondering if I simply skip the provisioning part (i.e. the ansible-playbook server.yml step), could I still use Trellis to deploy to a non-Trellis-configured remote server through

I don’t think there is anything specific to the dist in the deploy role, but you’ll have to test and make sure that paths and services match etc.

You’ll also have to be aware that just because it works now, doesn’t mean we won’t add something dist specific in the future.

If I were in your shoes, I would still be using the Bedrock Capistrano deploy method. Searching for CentOS also brings up this.

I see your point and I’ve also seen the link on Centrellis which appears to be very much a work-in-progress at the moment.

Incidentally, I’ve just come across Rocketeer which looks to be Capistrano on PHP. Wondering if anyone has successfully used this to deploy Bedrock sites?

I haven’t tried Rocketeer, but looks interesting and may give it a try.

Also, I have successfully used WordMove alongside Trellis to push/pull database updates between environments. It can also be used to deploy the entire application, so could potentially replace your provisioning/deploy steps if you’re using Trellis locally but need to push to a CentOS server. It’s still Capistrano, so technically Ruby, but they’ve done all the set-up so you just need to install one gem and provide the requisite host/database/file-path info for your site(s) in a pretty straightforward Movefile.