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Soil-3.8.1 Conflicts with commonWP

Every time I add commonWP (per the second to last roots email) with the new version of Soil I get errors (pasted below). This is consistent on all the site builds whether it is Sage 8 or 9. As soon as I disable Soil, commonWP works properly.

Here is an example of the error:

Refused to apply style from ‘’%20integrity=‘sha384-oBuKSJ7gIx8iF7rcdUjzv0wVT3ytAqOVsSQeU+kUnaNxSXidSyM/t65dzyROItR1’%20crossorigin='anonymous’ because its MIME type (‘text/plain’) is not a supported stylesheet MIME type, and strict MIME checking is enabled.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having the same issue, with Soil 3.8.1 and CommonWP 1.1.0 running, on the frontend I get a number of 404 errors on assets trying to load from

The errors go away if I disable one or the other of the plugins.

In my lib/setup.php I’ve commented out ‘soil-jquery-cdn’ support and if I also comment out ‘soil-clean-up’ support with both Soil and CommonWP active, the errors go away. So looks to be something in ‘soil-clean-up’ that’s conflicting.

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