Trellis on Cloudways without Root access

I’ve been setting up Trellis as environment for some bedrock/wp sites and it works fine locally, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to set it up on my VPS from Cloudways as Cloudways does not give sudo / root access to the VP. I’m getting the good old user is not in the sudoers file error and there doesn’t seem to be a way around it. In short, does this mean there’s no way to run Trellis on Cloudways? Thank you!

But how should Trellis be installed without sudo/root access?
That ansible playbook has to install php-fpm, nginx, mariadb and other packages (like extensions), set up firewall rules and configuration. For all of these changes root access is required.

You can use a Bedrock WordPress site also on non-Trellis servers, is it this what you want?

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Thank you for your response. I know how to run a Bedrock WP site on non-trellis servers, I just wanted to confirm it is indeed NOT possible to run Trellis on Cloudways servers as they don’t offer root access.

From what I can tell, Cloudways is managing the server they sell you, which means they configure it, tweak it, etc—all the things Trellis provisioning does. In this case using Trellis would be redundant or pointless—Trellis provisioning is for services like Digital Ocean that just give you a box with an OS on it.

You should still be able to use Trellis to deploy sites to Cloudways, because that generally doesn’t require root access—although it may need a few tweaks. I would start with Ben’s article on setting up Trellis to deploy to Kinsta. The process should be similar: I think I actually used that a couple years ago to test out a deploy to Cloudways when we were auditing hosting services for our agency. We didn’t go with Cloudways so I don’t have the process anymore, but it should be possible.

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Thank you so much for your reply! I kind of stumbled upon trellis because i needed a local development environment and wanted to get rid of mamp and didn’t put much thought of how it would work together with my server. If I can still deploy from Trellis to Cloudways than that would make me very happy as well. I will have a look at that article, looks like it can do the trick.

Thanks again!

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