Trellis on Windows, perpetually failing to provision

I am struggling to get Trellis working on Windows.

I have a perfectly fine Windows Trellis developer environent working, set-it-and-forget-it, because the last time I did vagrant up --provision was several months ago.

Since then, the instructions have changed. It used to be, when the site was yellow: (paraphrasing):

You do not need to install Ansible manually. […] If UAC is enabled, make sure the initial vagrant up is run from a command prompt with elevated privileges

Now, on the new blue/purple site, the instructions are saying to use Windows Linux Subsystem:

A new Windows developer has started working with us, and it has been disaster trying to get anything working with the new instructions.

Link to problems encountered, so far:

Can someone using Windows, from scratch, confirm that vagrant up works today (Sept 2019)? if yes, what documentation did you follow?

“I just did vagrant up like I have been doing since 2017” ain’t cutting it…

My stuff

  • Vagrant: 2.2.5
  • Virtualbox: 6.0.10
  • WSL Distro: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Ansible version installed in WSL: 2.7.5

PS: Here’s how I got it (air quotes) “working”:

Install required software in Windows.
Ignore WSL instructions.
cd \my\dir in DOS with with administrator privileges
vagrant up
Everything looks fine until it freezes on installing ansible step (waited 30 minutes)
vagrant reload --provision
Terminal nag: Complains that something is blocking.
Windows Task Manager, kill zombie ruby process.
vagrant reload --provision
Terminal nag: Complains about dpkg interrupted.
vagrant ssh; sudo dpkg --configure -a; exit;
vagrant reload --provision
Terminal nag: Complains that pip is not installed.
vagrant ssh; sudo apt-get install python-pip; exit;
vagrant reload --provision
I press [Enter] in the terminal when impatient… Terminal output resumes.



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Our official docs have said to use WSL since February 21st of this year… The “new blue/purple” site has been live since April 2018…


This is exactly what I followed when setting Trellis up on a Windows machine the other month.

Thanks for the reply.

Here’s a bug describing ansible_local hanging at interactive prompt. This explains why I had todo ctrl+c in my brute force install in reply #3.

Here’s a PR that fixes composer prompting for a new token, stalling Ansible indefinitely.

I could not get Trellis working using WSL The 5 linked issues in the first post (4 hosted on are threads I landed on while searching for the same problems In Google. They are unanswered, unresolved.

The versions of the software I used in my WSL attempt are mentioned in the second post.

“Pip not installed” Vagrant 2.2.5 issue:

Sorry for the link spam, just posting open issues to all the problems I am encountering in one place in case someone else lands here from Google.

I got the latest version of Trellis working again. Yay.

Here are the patches (for a forked trellis, it was out of date, synced with master last week)

I will not be submitting these upstream because this is not for WSL. I simply could not get that working. This patch fixes Trellis for Windows like it was documented prior to February 21st. There’s a similar patch waiting in the queue:

I’ll keep my eye on GitHub and try WSL again sometime in the future. Not today.

Thanks for all your hard work!


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