Using and Customizing WordPress Starter Content

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Starter content allows themes to define suggested settings, pages, widgets, and menus on new WordPress installations. You can customize the starter content in order to best suit your theme. Introduced with the release of WordPress 4.7, the best example that exists right now is in Twenty Seventeen’s codebase. From a new WordPress 4.7+ installation, enter…


I’ll [finally] be releasing some themes in 2017 and plan to use starter content to allow customers to get their themes setup similar to the theme demo as quickly as possible.

That made me think: Is there any Theme out there that are based on sage? Do you know if any !?! I mean general use theme. Not custom theme made for clients.

I think Faker would be a perfect complement to starter content. Depending on if you actually need set content or not, but you could get post titles and lorem ipsum content up very quickly.

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Could this Starter Content also work for ACF fields?

Thanks for suggesting this. I looked into it and I have added a post today about a faker package for Wordpress:

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