Warning: Connection timeout only on certain networks

Hi @aitor,

Since this topic is closed, I would like to continue this here.

Was your new router by any chance a 5 Ghz model? Because I’m still getting these Warning: Connection timeout errors sporadically on vagrant up.

The worst thing about it was, it happened to me twice now, both on job interviews where I wanted to show how Trellis works… :frowning:

I tested my Trellis install on my laptop at home on Wifi (with mac airport express router) and at work on wifi (don’t know exactly what kind of router) without any problems, vagrant up had no errors whatsoever. I got to a different location with the exact same laptop but on a guest Wifi (they mentioned it was a new 5 Ghz router) and vagrant up failed with the Warning: Connection timeout error.

Could it have something to do with the 5 Ghz connection or could it be some firewall or network setting on those networks?
And this might be a silly question, but does Trellis even need a network connection if you are only running your local development environments?

So this has to be within the – range right?


Yes, the router was a 5 Ghz TP-Link, but I have now a 5 Ghz from Asus and works perfectly. Your issue seems to be the same: A specific router don’t work, but other routers works.

In order to discard a subnet mask problem, set subnet mask up to, otherwise VM IP can’t be assigned. Some routers come with by default. (but I think this will not be the problem, since you can run vagrant some times).

I was trying for two weeks everything, even to check firewalls but I got nothing clear. I can get several vagrant boxes going, others not. Arbitrarily.

5 Ghz issue, in my case, neither. My router was dual band and the problem presists at 2.4 Ghz.

The main thing is that, in certain circumstances , DHCP of the router can’t provide an IP to virtual machine. Even with a IP reservation. You can try this to check it:

  • Run vagrant up
  • Wait to timeout
  • Open VirtualBox GUI (although vagrant project is not running, the virtual machine should be)
  • Check the router IP. If I am right, there will not be IP for your VM.

I was wondrenig about this too. I’m not a ninja of virtualization, but I think the network card of VM needs an IP and this IP is provided by the router (I don’t know what happens in a computer without router). You can check it. Start a Trellis Vagrant Box sucessfully and check the router. There will be a

Yes, but I think this is not a problem. I tried to change a lot of times the IP of VM, without results. My only solution was return the router to Amazon and to buy another model. For me and my little knowledge, was a dead end.

Thanks for your feedback!

I think this is default in most cases.[quote=“aitor, post:2, topic:6161”]
The main thing is that, in certain circumstances , DHCP of the router can’t provide an IP to virtual machine. Even with a IP reservation.
That’s possibly THE problem yes, so changing the IP of the VM didn’t help?

Ok but that’s in your own home/office I presume, what if you’re on a guest network and you can’t connect? Then you have a problem you can’t fix unfortunately…

Not for me. No IP works until router was changed.

Absolutely. That’s the point. And, since we dont know what is the cause, we can’t prevent it. Please, let me know if you discover relevant info about it!

In a few topics I bumped into the following solution:

Or add the Google public DNS IP to your Wifi Settings
Under Network Preferences > Wifi > Advanced > DNS add IP Address

Haven’t tested it on a guest network yet, so not sure if this will make any difference…

Had an issue getting Trellis to fire up my Vagrant Box while I had my iPhone plugged in and as a router. It timed out constantly. Decided to unplug it and connect to it wirelessly and the box started up flawlessly. So it does sometimes seem to be a router issue and for local development the VirtualBox does use information from the router to create a network ip. Otherwise I would say we do not have these issues. But I am no network expert by any means.