Where can I find a complete tutorial for Windows? Trellis + Sage


Might you have any resourceful links to share?

I just want to get rockin’ and rollin’ but everything (for Win users) is scattered. I’m looking for some sort of nipple-fed, spoon-feeding. The docs on this page suck - https://roots.io/trellis/docs/windows/

  1. Install VMware Workstation
  2. Download Ubuntu Desktop ISO local
  3. Create new virtual machine (using ISO)
  4. Log into VM using credentials created during install
  5. Install ansible on VM, navigate to this page
  6. ® click new terminal > punch in command to install terminal sudo easy_install pip
  7. Errors + Facepalm + Flip Desk

I invested cash for the theme-development-with-sage-second-edition.pdf but it’s not helpful getting Windows users onboard, stuck on Page 10.

Thanks in advance and take care,

p.s. - just cruising through the Theme Development with Sage eBook, I wonder “Why would anyone use Roots without Soil Plugin?”.

Trellis installation instructions on Windows 10 (in 2018)

Thanks, we appreciate the constructive input! :expressionless:

I can tell you right now that “Download Ubuntu Desktop ISO local” isn’t required.

Install Vagrant and it’s dependencies, then however you use the command line on Windows, you do the same as on OS X and Linux, you run vagrant up from the Trellis directory, after following the same instructions for installing and setting up Trellis. You don’t create a new virtual machine manually, Vagrant handles all that for you, neither do you install Python or pip manually. I don’t see where you got any of those instructions from the Windows docs.


PRs accepted. :middle_finger:

A Windows User’s Quick Guide to Using Roots Stack


While not required, I would also recommend installing the full version of cmder. It will come with git, ssh, and many other binaries and aliases that are needed to get shit done.

Development Environment

(Poached from roots-example-project.com/readme.md)

  1. Clone this repository into a working directory (e.g., %userprofile%\Sites)
$ git clone git@github.com:roots/roots-example-project.com.git
  1. Install theme components
# @ roots-example-project.com/site/web/app/themes/sage
$ npm install
$ bower install
$ gulp
  1. Fire up the server (be patient, but watch the console––it may prompt for your system password)
# @ roots-example-project.com/trellis
$ vagrant up
 _Note: to shut down the server:_ `vagrant halt`
  1. Test the install at roots-example-project.dev


Following those steps on a new installation of Windows 7-10 should yield you a working copy of roots-example-project.com. You can tinker with it and modify its configuration as needed to suit your needs. You can also follow the instructions in the project’s repo on how to manually compile the stack by yourself.

Trellis on Windows - "Vagrant up" hangs on "ssh auth method: private key.."
Trellis installation instructions on Windows 10 (in 2018)

lol @ middle finger and cyberbully nickname…gonna try this out right now. cmder looks pretty wicked.


“Friends don’t let friends use Windoze.” :cry: run an OS with an better kernel like Linux or OS X dude.


Easy to say, hard to do sometimes. I’d love to have another machine for Linux and/or macOS, but there isn’t the budget for one right now.

The instructions from @QWp6t are dramatically more straightforward than the main Trellis instructions, thank you!

I followed them through using full Cmder (with git) although I had to run through setting up SSH access to GitHub first.

I ran into problems with Node 7.4.0, but uninstalling and installing 6.9.4 solved those problems.

Also, I had to manually add bower to my Windows PATH.


Hey guys,

Sorry to post in an old thread but its pretty much relevant to what I am doing. I had another post here: Vagrant Up Hang on new install and wasn’t sure whether to post back in there OR in a new one… This one seems to fit what I am having an issue with.

Basically I am trying to get sage up and running on my windows 7 machine. I have a very old roots theme which I used (back in 2013) and fell in love back when grunt was the rage… Moving on and its time for an update BUT I cannot seem to get things off the ground :cry:

Over the last week I have actually pulled my hair out and am about to call quits… hoping one last desperate attempt will show me what I am doing wrong…

SO I had the following installed (will try and be as concise as possible):

windows 7 with SP1 and net 5 framework installed
VB box 5.2.8
vagrant 2.0.2
node 8.10.0
git 2.166.2 (in case i need it)
windows firewall OFF
eset antivirus OFF

When i ran vagrant up from trellis folder seemed like it worked BUT the box was always powered off.

If i then left and came back after a pc restart i could manually power the box on from VB gui (still couldn’t view the site) BUT whenever I did vagrant up from trellis folder it didn’t power on (if I then tried to manually start it the it gives the session error). I checked the hosts file that had the correct lines etc. in it. I was following this guide: https://roots.io/trellis/docs/installing-trellis/ and this one: https://roots.io/trellis/docs/windows/ which doesn’t really make sense as some one has already pointed out.

So for sanity (in case i was doing something wrong) 3rd time round I removed everything and started fresh! Ensured that no files lingered and all folders were deleted. Full strip down and delete…

I used all the above installs again, with those versions listed.

I got it all installed (VB,vagrant, node, nmp, bower) and followed the steps as listed in this post above.

However I am having the same issue! The box is still powered off. Running vagrant up does go through the process (installs the plugins (hostmanager/bond) ansible and all the vb box stuff) and it does give you the message that the box is provisioned and turned on (with no errors shown) ‘the trellis box is ready to use’ BUT going to localhost:3000 or the roots-example-project.test fails.

I can ssh into the box by doing vagrant ssh and can view the files on it no issues there. maybe i am being a bit thick here. Should i be viewing localhost:3000 on the VM? could it be that simple? if so how do i do that? its powered off…

Can anyone shed light on why this is happening. Cannot seem to get off first base and desperately want to get sage working and to stop pulling out the little hair i do have left on my head :frowning:


Are you running the Virtual Box gui as administrator? I had similar problems in Windows 10 while running Trellis commands as administrator with the Virtual Box gui opened, but not as administrator.


thank you @esaner that did the job. Such a simple thing!

FYI i never ran VB box at all. simply ran vagrant up. when it wasnt working then i ran vb box just to see if it was powered n.

This time round I ran it with admin mode first then ran the vagrant up command. example site now up :slight_smile:


Maybe my article could help to someone setup Trellis quickly on Windows https://medium.com/@payter/how-to-setup-trellis-wordpress-installation-on-windows-for-php-storm-easiest-setup-7cafb570559f