Yarn dev not compling css changes

I have setup a new instance of bedrock with sage, running with docker on windows 11, node 16.17.1.

I havn’t changed any of the default configuration only added css vaiables to the app.scss file and imported them in to tailwind to extend the colors.

I also had to manually add a .eslintrc.cjs file to the root as this was causing yarn to exit with code 1.

If i run yarn dev, and add say bg-gray-100 to the body in app.scss it is completely ignored. If I then run yarn build, it is complied and the chnage takes effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You managed to fix you problem?

Hi, @honestalejo. If you’re facing a CSS compiling issue please start a new topic with as much detail as you can. Take a look through how to best ask questions on this forum before you post so that you know what information to include so that we can help you.