Failed deploying from Trellis To Kinsta

Hi there,

I am following this guide:

But I am getting an error deploying trellis to Kinsta. See verbose gist below.

May I ask which part that I missed? Let me know please which file would you like me to share to resolve this.

Thanks in advanced.

Gist errors:

AnsibleError: An unhandled exception occurred while templating ‘{{
wordpress_env_defaults | combine(vault_wordpress_env_defaults | default({}),
project.env | default({}), vault_wordpress_sites[site].env) }}’. Error was a
<class ‘ansible.errors.AnsibleFilterError’>, original message: |combine
expects dictionaries, got AnsibleUndefined
failed: [kinsta_staging] (item={u’dest’: u’.env’, u’src’: u’roles/deploy/templates/env.j2’, u’name’: u’.env config’}) => {“ansible_loop_var”: “item”, “changed”: false, “item”: {“dest”: “.env”, “name”: “.env config”, “src”: “roles/deploy/templates/env.j2”}}

Fixed! my wordpress_sites.yml file was using the wrong domain (it was using the live instead of staging).
I also deleted the box from virtual box -> then run vagrant again -> then deploy -> success!

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