How to move a site away from Trellis/Bedrock? :(

Unfortunately I have need to move a site away from a Trellis/Bedrock setup to a traditional shared hosting solution despite both my contact at the company and myself practically pleading with the decision maker to not go back in time :roll_eyes:

Is there a step by step guide on the best way to approach this? I’m guessing I can’t just do a db export and import into the new install?

I’m not aware of a guide, but I would probably do the following:

  • Rewrite anything that directly references a path that includes /app above the theme (so for instance you’d need to do a db search-replace for things like /app/themes/theme-name => /wp-content/themes/theme-name, uploads, etc, as well as your publicPath in config.json). Don’t just rewrite /app/ because there’s an app in your theme too.
  • If you’re using Bedrock or .env to set any constants that you use in your themes or plugins, move those somewhere else (probably wp-config.php).
  • If you’re using Trellis to do any server config (i.e. rewrites), then…figure out a way to replicate those? Really gonna depend on what they are.
  • Pour one out :cry:

I haven’t done much (any?) Trellis/Bedrock -> Shared, but I have done a fair amount of Shared -> Trellis/Bedrock. There’s not actually that much that needs to change: Trellis and Bedrock mostly wrap things to make development and deployment easier—they don’t really fundamentally change how anything works.


I am wondering now what are the arguments that are backing up this time travelling decision …

You can do this in a more manual, but possibly easier way than @alwaysblank suggests:

  1. Set up a new WordPress site on the shared host,
  2. Drag-and-drop the plugins, mu-plugins, uploads, and themes into the new installation
  3. Import the database
  4. Find/replace in the database using this tool: FIND: app/uploads REPLACE: wp-content/uploads

And then test the site. With a typical, simpler site, this should do the trick.


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