Live Examples


Bedrock and Sage:


Bedrock and Sage:

shoutout to my boy @benword


Sage for the next project too.


I love your portfolio page! That ink effect is amazing!


Here’s one of ours that I’m proud of. Great design from @asherdub Using Roots 7.0 and Bedrock.

#200 — my technical blog

Using Bedrock with capistrano-wpcli for database management and it’s all working flawlessly.

Thanks for the hard work all of you. Coming from a Rails world, Bedrock with Sage are familiar to me.

Will be using and promoting Roots everywhere from now on.


Greatly appreciated!

Currently working on with using wordpress(sage) & angular mix


Roots & Mult-Site


Great looking site! nice work.


built with roots:

companion site for my web design class, I even have one student doing an independent study that I’m teaching to use sage!


Just launched this one - first Sage project to go live:


Not sure who made it, but I was sitting here using one of their products and decided to check out their site & and then view the source. Nice work!



Amazing!! Easly the best looking Lawyer website I’ve ever saw!


Thanks so much!

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This is my new site, I launched it a couple of months ago but I don’t think I’ve linked it here -

It uses Roots 6.5.2 but my next project is going to be to rebuild using the latest and greatest Sage version. :smile:


A few recent sites.


I really enjoy looking through all the impressive work here!

Here’s a site I recently launched for someone:



Looks awesome. How is it so fast?