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Not sure lol. I feel like I focused on performance from the beginning of the build? Made sure the client kept things down to a minimum?

Site is hosted on WP Engine (I’ve seen faster though), so they do caching and stuff like that. We’re also using their CDN as well, so that’s why the images are pretty quick.

Thanks for the compliment though!


Cool, good to know. I’ve never used WP Engine before.

I’ve had trouble getting TTFB anywhere below 1.8-2s without caching in place on MediaTemple’s shared hosting…I don’t care for the caching plugins out there. Didn’t realize WP Engine did caching as part of their hosting plans.

Gotta study up on performance regardless. Anyway. Nice work!


Bedrock & Sage: (Roots Share & Stage Switcher also!!!)

Integrating Laravel with WordPress for a Property Site

Awesome! Also, SW Colorado = :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Thanks @benword! Always a pleasure to develop in the Roots workflow. Your avatar hints at Moab, my second favorite place! Also a fan of the FJs (first vehicle was a 1970 FJ40). Looking forward to your book and finding some hidden gems that we didn’t know about.


Wow. Amazing craftsmanship – care to elaborate on how you got skrollr to play nicely with the theme?



@roryheaney nice work beautiful site!


Thank you! This is one of my first sites live with Sage. Still making edits, but it turned out well


Site for a local beer establishment in Kent OH.

This site is built in Roots 7.0.3. I was too deep into the design already when it became Sage and moved up in version. Still, I think it’s sharp.


sorry how to make the url is f.e: and not


Hi all, first post here…

I’m one of the developers at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney.

We started off with Bedrock and a mangled version of Roots Theme with Gulp shoe-horned in. We’ve since updated it to Sage and incorporated Bedrock Ansible too.

Many thanks to the Roots team.


This was my first time using sage and I really like it. Thanks for an awesome framework.


A couple of months ago, I built this site together with

Sage + Bedrock.


Just launch this one last month, first site I’ve built with sage.

Did the design development and photography.


Hello Everyone, First post on Roots discourse!

I built this in the early years of roots:

and is now a few years old!

Started off with the first roots framework. Just installed Sage to local dev environment hoping to update too new framework. So far loving it!


My last Roots site :cry: ExakTime Support Site

  1. It was a challenge to figure out the scrollspy nav automatically generated from the categories but turned out great!
  2. They really pushed me for nested accordions in the tutorials. Not a big fan but at least it works.

To Sage and beyond from here on out! :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude. My wife loves Emily Henderson. She refers to her as “Emily”, as though they were friends. As such, I’ve read more Emily Henderson posts than I’d care to admit. Had no idea it was a Sage theme. Nice work!



Tried sage for my personal portfolio.