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This is my newest site built with Sage:


thanks man! really appreciate it


Not thrilled with some client “design” decisions, but overall, happy with how this has turned out! We’ll see if it leads to more donations…


We’ve just moved to our production server.

A big thank you the team – you’ve changed the way I develop sites in a really, really positive way. This one was done with Sage and Bedrock as well as bedrock-ansible.


Just pushed this live last week

First time using Sage and Bedrock, couple of mistakes, but overall I’m happy with the finished site.

Many thanks to the Roots team, I would have avoided Wordpress completely if it wasn’t for them.


Now that’s a compliment. And a bit of a diss to WP :smiley:


Our first two sites built with Sage! :smiley:

The Junior Academy

Impact Trial Consulting



We have build about 5 sites now with sage / bedrock:

Here are two I am pretty happy with. and

Thanks Roots! We have 5 more site using this in dev and getting better at it each time.


Hi everyone!

Check our agency new website! Crafted with every tool Roots team provided (Sage, Bedrock and Trellis), from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the World.

We work overseas for digital agencies or final clients. Just contact us!

Enjoy, and thank Roots team for this marvelous job and community! :grinning:


I finished a new project for my Deframe VJ friends.
First time I used the ‘new’ Bedrock + Sage setup and loving it! Thanks Roots, learning new stuff every day because of you guys!
Check it out:


I’ve been lucky to work with some great designers who’ve pushed my development abilities along. Here’s a selection of recent projects that I’ve built for them using Sage:


It is always the basis of my WP projects, and also my personal portfolio: - still (always) a work in progress :-).


I absolutely love Sage and built a few websites with it. This is the latest:

Vedera by C


Built with sage


particularly like the Impact Trial site


love the Global Gardens Group site!


I don’t have many, but all of them roots or sage:

Roots before Sage:
Valencia Chef Gourmet: (Planned to update to Sage)

Casual Hoteles:
The Language Station Valencia:

I’m actually developing 2 sites more and there’re 4 more waiting in queue.


Got a bunch of sites running on a shared Trellis + Bedrock install. We customized the stack to run all of the sites under the same web root as they all share the same parent theme and plugins. It’s kind of a pseudo-multisite, where they all have their own database, but share the same code. We send along custom environment variables using fastgi params for each site’s environment specific config.


I just finished building my first site with Sage this week. I used the whole Bedrock, Sage + trellis stack and build and deployment was a pleasure from start to finish.
I can definitely seeing myself using this platform again as it takes so much pain out of the process!

Anywhere here is the site I made over the last few weeks -


Don’t think I’ve posted this one yet: My agency did the redesign/front-end development for their 2.0 of an app, and I couldn’t stand them having a website that looked like their old one :wink:

Done by a team of some of my Sage trainee’s, and a very nice designer, all working on a very tight deadline.