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Some from 2015 using Sage.


My First sage / bedrock / trellis project:


New website I finished for a techno booking agency in amsterdam:

First time I used Timber and Twig as a template engine and I’m very enthusiastic about it. No need for complicated navigation walkers anymore and too much custom image sizes. It does mean though that you won’t be able to use the Sage wrapper anymore.


That’s not a big deal, the theme wrapper is used to mimic what you might call layout or base files that a remolding language like Twig uses. It’s also used to stop relying on the very antiquated get_header() and get_footer() calls, where you are either duplicating HTML, or opening and closing HTML in the header and footer, IE. separate files.


Hi Pieter, are you still building websites with Roots / Sage?
Would like to get in touch with a Belgian developer using the same tools as I do.
Greetings from Ghent


A couple more for the thread:

and our own site:

Will post some more when they go live.


This is something I completed at the end of last year.
Very happy with the outcome.

Love Sage!

#266 on Sage.


k33n, what slider setup did you use for the bhdefense site? That looks brilliant! Well done.


@aaronrobb Thanks! It’s using the bootstrap carousel with some styling tweaks.


Squarely with Bootstrap 4 - Sage bones and built to use in conjunction with plugin.

Customizer options, Bootstrap 4, Sass, Fit Text, Font Awesome, Google Fonts… project in process! Base example here:

GitHub Repo:

utilized here:


I did this theme using Sage. I’m not an expert at wordpress, but I managed to have fullpage.js integrated to the front page, which I’m kind of proud for. However I’m not sure if it is properly done.
Check it out here:

Here is the repo:


My last jobs with Sage, Bootstrap / Sass, Git, some javascript but I was using 90% Bootstrap for the js:

the deadline was short in particular with the ACF, takes time but all the site is customized by the admin.
1 month work full time.

Hire me:


Like Whale Shark Tours and planning a visit to Mexico?


Sage + Bedrock + Trellis (PHP 7)

Thanks Root’s team for this excellent combination of tools.

Wanna talk?


Hi, this is my first website where I was using Sage, enjoy


Just launched the 500th iteration of my personal site. I took an agency gig about 8 months ago so I no longer had need of a full blown freelancing site, but just finally got around to getting something cool up.

It’s a relatively simple blogging affair, I plan to use it to write about coding stuff, video tutorials, that sort of thing.

Sage 8.4.1, with Bourbon, Neat, & Bitters.


Finally, I can show my first site with Trellis/Bedrock/Sage. It is very simple and it try to follow the customer style.

For now, is my best. As an old school designer (I’m not a web developer) I had to learn everything (Sass, PHP, Composer, Vagrant, JS, Node, Gulp, GIT… I did not even know about wordpress customization) and I have a lot of things to learn yet. Here in Spain this beheavior is called as “taking the plunge”. I almost went crazy and, incidentally, also roots developers with irrelevant or absurd questions. Thank you all for the continued support. I’m still learning.


Smalspåret narrow gauge railway museum just launched on a Sage with Trellis/Bedrock setup, The site uses wp-papi to create page types/custom meta boxes in PHP code. If you haven’t tried that one out, do it now! Simply awesome! :smile:

It’s an early release on purpose(MVP) but bugfixes(read: problems with IE) will be done along the route the closest weeks. :wink:


Norwegian Sage sites:

#279 on Sage.