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Live Examples


Here’s a few from my company:


A few more underway now for some pretty big clients. Gotta come back and update this, you might be surprised!

A new one here, though I don’t think it’s particularly Sage-y:

and still more to come…


This time I learned how to make a pixel fit icon font using a workflow from Sketch app to Gulp:

Also, I learned how to do Jasny off-canvas for cell viewport.

This is a weblog that I started in 2003 with MovableType CMS. It quickly become collective. It have a mess of HTML markup in contents, reflecting several stages through time.


This is a Roots Sage project:


Here is another example using my squarely theme, built on roots & utilizing livecomposer:

Here is the theme:


Trellis + Bedrock + Sage + about a million visits to this forum =


Built on Sage: (also .no, .dk and .fi)


Recently launched, built with Sage:


Web of my son Telmo, with their found objects and dialogues. This time I’ve learned how to deal with google maps api to customize maps, datetime PHP objects and other WP basics.

[update] Isotope filter added to


I just designed and developed a new site for a large MO independent healthcare network using Sage. Thank you all for the wonderful support and foundations. It’s definitely made me a much better WP developer. Check out the site here: Signature Medical Group

#289 on Sage.


Standard Wordpress, Sage theme.


…and now for the inverse. One of my older websites on a blankslate theme, but now hosted on Vultr thanks to Trellis+Bedrock

This included pulling the existing ~100MB database and ~1GB media library to my development machine, switching a bunch of plugins to composer and pushing it all to deployment.

I know I’ve been a bit of a pest here lately asking some very beginner questions, but before a few weeks ago I’d never used the command line or git or any of this stuff so I’ve been absorbing plenty! Glad to shake things up after a few years of MAMP+FTP…

Next up, finishing a site on a Sage theme and deploying with Trellis+Bedrock to complete the set :smiley:


Here’s a new one:

This one was fun because we tried a real minimalistic-but-readable approach with a client who always wanted more content - I think it ended up looking pretty nice. Oh, also we used a “containerless” design method, or at least a container without a max-width, so it scales on all devices pretty nicely I think.

Should have another good one to share in the coming weeks here soon too :slight_smile: Cheers!


Wow that’s really nice. Fantastic job handling that much copy.


Here’s a fairly large multisite built with sage : , and also my personal site: Chris McNally


@mcnally486 was just poking around on here and stumbled upon your portfolio. That about page is amazing. great job!


Conductor SEO Platform & Enterprise Content Marketing multisites use the Sage theme:


As promised, the full box and dice … Trellis + Bedrock + Sage. Pretty happy with this one!

… + WooCommerce + PureCSS grids + WP All Import Pro.


I re-launched my site last week:

Used Sage for the Gulp workflow and theme wrapper, but no Bootstrap! Instead, I built it as a SPA with WP-API using vue.js and their other tools, vue-router, vuex, and vue-resource.

My first “real” SPA and my first Trellis deploy to Digital Ocean. Once I upgraded to the latest Trellis (it took a couple hours to rebase, it had been awhile), Trellis worked flawlessly. And I don’t think I can go back to shared hosting.

Used Modular Scale for the type on this one. It scales up and down well enough by default that it probably saved tens of KB in additional CSS, and the site looks readable on large screens as well as small.


:heart_eyes: that is definitely great web stuff

I’d love to find out more about using Vue with the REST-API, are you thinking of doing a blog post on how you did it?