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@paul_tibbetts Thank you!

Yes, I’m planning on a series. (There’s a lot of information to cover.) However, any information that I put out might be dated quickly; seems like they’re closing in on a 2.0 release, which will bring some big changes.

Overall I loved working with it. I actually wrote my Vue templates first, and then went back and converted them to WP templates so the site works without JS; working with WP templates, by comparison, felt archaic. Plus, the entire app weighs in at ~65kb gzipped, including Vue itself, and I’ve still got some fat to trim. No jQuery needed, too.

If you’re interested, it’s definitely worth jumping in and trying something out. The docs are clear, the forums and Gitter are helpful, and there are some good boilerplates to get you started.


A couple I did while working for Eight Arms in London:
Both use Sage (I used Bedrock and Trellis in dev, but I didn’t deploy them)

One I did nearly a year ago using Sage and Bedrock, deployed to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk:

(Warning! It’s very pink!)

I’m available for freelance work by the way…


We have recently started using Roots and we love it.




Another old-site conversion. Built this Real Estate website on Blankslate over a year ago and just transferred it to Trellis/Bedrock. Deployed on Vultr. Massive drop in resource requirements. Uses WP All Import + Easy Property Listings plugins to update property feeds.


Moved from Roots theme to Sage theme.


Hey Josh, would you mind sharing how you deployed the with g Elastic Beanstalk?
It will be super useful, thanks


We deployed back in February


My another wordpress theme on Sage, few more are in development:


Currently in the last stages of development of


Just recently launched and pretty proud of - scored a 97 on pingdom site speed.


First Roots multisite install is finished, with two sites running off the same Sage theme, using ACF for customisations like the logo/colours.


Just launched a new website.

Trellis + Bedrock + Sage

Bootstrap + WooCommerce and Tweenmax


Latest site launched :slight_smile:


Finished website for Instock I have been working on the last months:
I used the full roots stack: Trellis + Bedrock + Sage 9 and Timber as template engine.

Quit pleased with the end result!


:confetti_ball: Two recent ones :confetti_ball:

Trellis + Bedrock + Sage + ACF + WooCommerce

Trellis + Bedrock + Sage + ACF


Two new releases from us at Kollegorna.

Open House Stockholm

Completely new site for the first ever Open House Festival in Stockholm.
Trellis, Bedrock, Sage, ACF, WP Rest API, CloudFlare, Digital Ocean


The leading swedish news site for journalism and media. Migrated from a previous Drupal 6 site we built in 2010.
Trellis, Bedrock, Sage, Multisite, ACF, CloudFlare, Digital Ocean, FeedPress


New sites utilizing Squarely, my custom theme utilizing Sage: (staging) (staging)


I LOVE Sage & the Roots team! I’ve been using sage for years; following the team’s lead on best practices has really improved my ability as a developer. <3

Here’s my latest Sage-Powered website:

Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans


New one for my wife’s new startup :slight_smile:

Using full Roots combo. There will be updates to it. Wine catalogue etc. But the shop side will be probably made with Shopify, haven’t really decided yet.