London meetup?

Sorry for the delayed response guys, I’ve been helping my girlfriend move today, and she graduated uni yesterday so it’s been a bit hectic!

@discopatrick yea it just seemed a bit wasteful to pay the fee for the one meetup if it’s only smei-regularly.

@paul_tibbetts thanks for taking on the organiser role, much appreciated. I’m definitely up for co-organising. Do you need to send me an invite or something?

RE location: When we set a date for the next one I’ll speak to my friend at the Publicis Drugstore Trampery, and see if we can use that again. I suspect that’ll be fine but I wouldn’t like to say for sure without checking in him first.

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Nice one @paul_tibbetts - if it’s no bother having this as an extra group on your account then that’s perfect. And feel free to add me as an co-organiser too, or ‘assistant organiser’, as either role allows for message board moderation, it seems.

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I signed up. Looking forward to meeting up soon :smile:

Hi All - The event space here may be availiable (I can make enquiries if there are dates to consider)