London meetup?

Here you go…

All signed up here :slight_smile:

Thanks! @nathobson. Obviously the more the merrier so if anyone wants to invite others, share etc. please do so.

ahh too bad i won;t be able to come to this one. Will there be a recap or even better a screencast or something of it? :slight_smile:

Not sure if they’ll be anything that formal to screencast, but I’ll try and document what we got up to/talked about on here…

See y’all at this later!

Guys, so sorry but we’re right in the middle of our studio move and it’s looks pretty unlikely that I’m going to be done in time to make it. It’s a real shame as I was really looking forward to this. Hope you have an awesome evening though.

That’s a shame. No worries, catch you at the next one.

Hey all,
When you show up, you just need to buzz the door to come in.

Thanks to everyone who came down last night, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Was gutted to miss this one. Any pics?

Sorry, I completely neglected taking any pictures (I’m rubbish at taking photos). We should definitely do another in future. I believe it’s been mentioned before - it would be good to structure it around people talking about how they’re using roots (or any WordPress/dev stuff) in interesting ways. I’d be happy to put something together…

This was a great meetup by the way! Small, friendly, interesting, and fun. I look forward to another one :slight_smile:

I’m in for the next one!


I’ve noticed our group is going to expire. I went to “step in” as leader of the group but then they ask you to pay for membership - $10 per month. Not a huge amount, but it feels wasteful if we’re not going to meet up every month.

I’m guessing this might be why you’ve “stepped down” as group leader, @Josh_Ellis? To save on unnecessary costs?

It would be nice if Meetup did a “lite” plan. I’ve just submitted a ‘feature request’ to them :slight_smile:

@discopatrick and @Josh_Ellis - I don’t mind paying - even if we only meet once every 2-3 months, and sharing the responsibilities as a co-organiser - but I unfortunately can’t commit the time to take the lead at the mo - although I think if we can sort out a decent venue (which shouldn’t be hard, given the group’s size - assuming we stick to Roots as the topic, and not broaden out into WordPress in general), then there’s not too much organising to do (he says…)

+1 for sticking to Roots as the topic. There’s already a general WordPress meetup in London.

Venue wise - can we use Publicis Drugstore again? I could contact them to make the next booking if that helps.

I agree that, given the current size of the group, and the niche topic, organisation shouldn’t be too much work. If it gets any bigger and more complicated, we can address that if and when it happens.

One thing that does come up off the top of my head is being clear on the meetup page about the accessibility of the venue, for any newcomers. So there’s a bit of prep to be done there. Also answering any questions that may come up on the group page, which we could share between us. Often these are regarding whether food will be provided, in my experience!!

@doug - if you don’t mind taking care of the fee, that would be great. And it will be good to catch up with you at the next one :slight_smile:

OK great… whatdoido?? :slight_smile:

With that said, I might just give it a few days for @Josh_Ellis to reply, just in case. I PM’d him the other day, and he said he might consider doing another soonish. But have put a calendar reminder to do it in 5 days from now if I don’t hear from him.

Re: Venue - It was a cool venue. We could also do the occasional pub visit when groups are small, or Leon in Spitalfields is good (accessible, fairly quiet, large tables, fairly reasonable prices for food) - I often go to Meetups there.

Catch up next week :slight_smile:

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:sweat: I honestly checked this thread earlier and it said no new posts!

I’m already paying for another meetup I’m running so I’d just clicked the button before coming back to the forums and seeing this.

@discopatrick @doug I’m also unsure of how much time I can commit to lead single-handedly but was very happy to see your posts above, would you both like a co-organiser title on :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Also extending that out to @nathobson and @Josh_Ellis as they’ve both (single-handedly) put on great meetups before.

Although I don’t live in London anymore I’m down there regularly and would like to meet for a beer and a chat about roots. I’ll join the meetup group…