WordPress 6.0 released, updates to our WordPress Composer package are now live

WordPress 6.0 has been released! :tada: With this update, we’ve also shipped our changes to the roots/wordpress Composer package. Thanks to the work done by Léo Colombaro, we now have additional Composer packages available for WordPress including:

:package: roots/wordpress-no-content (which is now being consumed by roots/wordpress)
:package: roots/wordpress-full which contains the wp-content directory

Please read our latest blog post for further information!


Thank you to everyone who has contributed recently :pray: @alexdanylyschyn, @codepuncher, @craigpearson, @jakobmeusburger, @joshuafredrickson, @labeldevops, @LeoColomb, @strarsis, @toddsantoro, @will0, @ugisozols

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